Makna dan Lirik Lagu Halzion - Yoasobi, Lagu Jepang Terbaik

Makna dan Lirik Lagu Halzion – Yoasobi, Lagu Jepang Terbaik

Halzion merupakan salah satu single ketiga dari YOASOBI yang telah rilis pada 11 Mei 2020. Dimana lagu ini di publish melalui Sony Music Entertainment Japan sebagai single digital.

Fakta yang mengejutkannya ialah bahwasanya lagu ini diadaptasi dari cerita berjudul Soredemo. Yakni Happy End karya Shunki Hashizume sekaligus menandakan pertama kalinya YOASOBI berkolaborasi dengan novelis profesional.

Bunga Erigeron sendiri memiliki arti yang dapat dimaknai “Memperhatikan dari jauh”. Dimana lagu ini sendiri sangat cocok untuk orang-orang yang suka memperhatikan pujaan hati dari jauh.

Vibes yang terkandung dalam lagu Halzion sangat galau. Namun meskipun begitu nadanya bertempo cepat dan terdengar sangat ceria. Lagu Halzion sendiri merupakan lagu yang menceritakan kerinduan terhadap seseorang yang telah lama menghilang.

Dimana kenangan-kenangan akan seseorang tersebut tidak dapat kemabli lagi. Hal ini lah yang membuat kerinduan ini semakin membesar.

Lirik Lagu Halzion – Yoasobi

I’m seated into time, it’s passing by
Yet another hopeful thought of you
And despondently staring into a cold screen, at pictures
You and me were laughing loud

I wanted so much to avoid all scenes
I end up knowing more
And days go by, rolling on
No matter what’s implied

I nod at all the words you speak
Yes, I believe, in return I’m all alone
As you’re leaving me here, sitting, as time is passing through
Many plans I’d put together
Memories of you, I’m feeling
I look for in my daily life
More days behind me

Ah-ah-ahh, ah-ahh
Draw lines and separate, don’t look back
Gates are facing reality, and I cast it off
It’s why I could not realize, realize
Outer fence, when I took my eyes off
Soul is warmed, arrays of blossoms
All, indeed, was something I could see

Wish I knew, wish I could have known of it
Too worn out is my heart
The closing doors I seal again, and stay over all alone
Enclosed in as I’m hiding, loose, and I am there lying
Sustaining, I’m the one you left alone, behind

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Above, the blue-sky scenery
Those days of youth, eye can espy
I know deep inside of me, I can get it all back on board
I bring back atmospheres
Heartbeat is pacing as you vowed, “In love with you

Allowing no one else to see, feelings I veil
While I’m still hiding with my hands
This moment I perceive, alive, inside, within my truth
Eyes are closing as I call back
While I sight it recreating, it’s a bright scene I think of
Those days behind me, living on
Scattered around, reflection in my mind
Now I can draw the hopes I pursue

Recall your tones and all you told
Those days of old, how beautifully time enfolds
We’ve been in a panorama in that moment of time
All feelings I took my eyes off
Now unite in fate
Connect the ways where I could have walked, too
Those days behind me now are gone
I’m moving on to new horizons, I take off
The two of us are smiling as I’m waving goodbye
Turn my back on that past as I started moving ahead

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